About Us

The Ethos..

In 2018, we wanted to bring to the discerning consumers, premium luxury handcrafted sneakers at an affordable price point. This led to the birth of. SL
It became a reflection of our brand philosophy translated by the master artisan in Europe. Giving a new meaning to “Affordable Luxury” A product that was as good as, if not better than the best "Luxury" brands.

A sneaker designed for ..YOU
Reflected in SL’s tag line… “Live In the Present”

Intent- Pursuit- Tribe

Unity in Diversity” the ethos behind the brand has been given form in our designs to ensure that the free spirit is no longer tethered to age old narrow definitions of race colour and sexuality. Our vision of the world is one free from division. We believe that the dissimilarities between us as individuals helps us paint a multi hue canvas of life’s kelidiscope.

SL encourages those who dare to…. Live Free !!

Connect with us.... Happy to help :)

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